Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We're not sick this week!!

So it's been another week! Well shoot as far as I can tell from mom, looks like it has been a good one for you guys! Love the pictures haha what a handsome baby! It's tempting not to go show everyone in the library all these pictures of Bryson haha it's so exciting! Well yeah I used that ipod cord probably once so good riddance haha I'm glad dad can use an Ipad and to be honest I'm kinda surprised he can actually use it. Haha! well if you ever get too many eggs just send some to me because I eat scrambled eggs like every other morning for breakfast. cholesterol yum!
Well I'm always short on time so I'll keep it short but sufficient. This week I found out that fasting actually works! We have an investigator Nikki that texted us and said she's been sick this week. Turns out they found some cancerous cells in her and she went in for surgery to remove it on Friday. Caught us off guard! We've been praying and yesterday we obviously fasted for her until last night we got a call from her fellowshipper, the RS pres in the ward. She's on top of things and told us all about her situation and that the surgery was a success and she's doing well and she's going back to work tomorrow! Wow!!! What a blessing! That really boosted my testimony of the fact that fasting is a great opportunity to exercise our faith in trials and circumstances that we can't control...such as Nikki's health. As we exercised our faith through fasting, the Lord blessed her. We'll meet with her soon and find out more.
We've had a particularly slow week this week as far as nonmember lessons go, but we've been destroying the less active's in our wards haha we went into 10 different less active homes and taught them! It was awesome...I really do enjoy less-active work! It's such a huge blessing to see these people have great desires to come back to the fold of God!
So tell me if this sounds familiar: Family of five, three boys. Dad is a firefighter, mom works at the hospital. Older boys are out of the house and the youngest plays video games (including Nintendo 64) and computers. They have a cat and two dogs and live in the desert. Who is this family? Well if you guessed the Payne's you're right! But if you guessed the Brian's you're also right! yeah we're teaching the youngest boy in this little family. His name's Johnny, and he's 14. He was baptized at 8 but he currently doesn't believe in God. We've built a relationship with the family because both E Bradford and I relate to them pretty well. We're starting the lessons with him! There's always a reason why we are sent places on the Lord's errand, and I would say this is one of those reasons! Haha
We also had beef stroganoff this week at a members house. I requested it haha and I told them that it was a family favorite! After the meal I told them that it passed inspection and would make momma Payne proud! So delicious!
Well I'm out for the week. Hope you guys have a good one! I'll be giving my first baptismal interview this Wednesday at 7 pm and I'll be conducting my first district training meeting this Thursday 11 am! See you there! haha
Elder Payne!

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