Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Fruits of Our Labors!

Well hello there family! Didn't hear from anyone today so I hope all is well! Haha Elder Bradford and I are doing well. We had a baptism this week! Carlos was baptized! It was kinda crazy getting everything put together including the pianist and unlocking the baptismal font but we did it! The only thing I forgot was to tell them to bring extra undies for afterwards hahaha oh well. The service was awesome! I gave the talk on baptism and E Bradford spoke on the Holy Ghost. Mic, one of Carlos' friends (who just got called to Honduras...he's only 17!) got to baptize him. It was sooo spiritual and E Bradford started choking up a little bit in his talk. We've been working hard with Carlos and have built a pretty good relationship with him. He's awesome! Glad to see some results here in our area. But then I realize that no effort is wasted and that every day is a success as long as I have faith and do my part!
The confirmation was yesterday. I made Elder Bradford do it haha because he hasn't done one yet. He was sooo nervous and I was really glad because it's a big learning experience for him. Carlos walked in right as bishop got up to start the meeting haha. Elder Bradford was shaking and really nervous as he started, but when he got to the actual blessing he had calmed down and the spirit just took over. It was beautiful! I love confirmations! It brought back memories of the confirmations and blessings I've been able to do myself. Such a sharp and powerful experience! Lots of goosebumps! and not the comic book kind!
Hmm so this week we went on exchanges! Exchanges are actually fun when you're the one in charge of it! haha I got to go with Elder Read in his area since he and his trainee are having some struggles as a companionship and in their area too. I went to help them out! Oh by the way, the area was Dixie 2! hahaha back to my home area!! yeah it was super nostalgic but at the same time it feels like I was there last week. kinda weird! we contacted a bunch of less actives and even hit up the great and spacious building known as Red Rock Ridge. Holy cow the memories! That place is super random and crazy! I saw David ride by us on his longboard! haha he was my first convert on the mission! He must not have recognized me because he flew by and said hi and kept going so I didn't get to talk with him. It was disappointing actually haha because apparently he's less active now! Darn! But it was good to see him. I can't wait till after my mission to see all of my converts again! haha
I don't know if Keith or Quentin or even dad remembers sending in numbers every week, but it's kinda annoying haha. But I love it! But it's stressful! Especially when none of your district knows how to set monthly goals because they're all super new to the mission and the zone leaders need them asap! Well I spent like an hour collecting goals and actuals and more goals and setting district goals and sending everything to the zl's. Lot's of fun! It's kind of invigorating though....at least I'm not a bored junior companion anymore!
Well so what time is church and everything? We get to call (not skype!) for Mother's day in two weeks! Yay! Check the communicator for the guidelines. We were thinking in the afternoon...around 2 or 3 pm St. George time. If you guys have church or whatever, then we'll do it after dinner around 7 or 8 pm. Whichever works for you guys! Consult and let me know next week! That's also transfer call day so we'll see what happens since we're finishing up training. Woohoo!
Oh dad, what's your phone number? I feel bad because I don't know it so all those dinner text messages only get sent to mom haha.
Well I love you guys! keep enduring to the end and remember, "soy lo maximo!" Now that's as conceited or as encouraging as you make it to be! adios jaja!
Elder Payne!

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