Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just got back from the Temple!

Well I haven't had time to read any emails yet but thanks for sending some love my way! Things have been going well over here in the Buena Vista stake. We just got back from a session at the St. George temple!! Sooo awesome because I haven't been to the temple for almost 7 months! It's amazing how much more I was able to understand and learn this time around with all the things I've learned thus far on my mission. We got a ride from bro Bardsley our landlord and just hopped into a 10:40 session. As we were in the waiting room I was reading some scriptures and came across Doctrine and Covenants 108 and I had to fight back some tears! It was sooo nice to be inside that sacred building and revitalize my temple covenants. I love the temple!
So this past Monday evening we found Lei! No one probably recognizes that name but she's an investigator that Elder Gomez and I started teaching about 8 or so months ago. Back then E Gomez and I blessed her brand new baby who was the exact same age as Bryson. I got to bless him....his name is Maiki. Anyway, we crossed paths with Lei again! Obviously there's a reason. We got a referral for a Hawaiian single mom with three kids in her 20's named Lei. Now how many people fit that description in St. George? Probably only one! Needless to say it really was the same Lei! She recognized me and we started catching up on her situation. Little Maiki is 8 months old now, which is super crazy. Lei is pretty receptive but is working so much that she barely has time to breathe and is rarely at home. Her life is almost as crazy as it was back then, but things are really improving for her! We're going to go back and try to set something up. What a blessing!
Well we did exchanges with the zone leaders this past week. I got to go to Elder Wade's area with him for the day. Now if you recall (I don't even know if mom will recall this) but Elder Wade was my zone leader at the MTC. He works in Spanish areas so I got to fulfill my original mission call assignment by serving in Spanish work! Haha it was a ton of fun and we talked to a ton of Mexicans. He took me to this hidden trailer park in St. George and I swear we teleported to Mexico. It was awesome! I've learned that I'm still slow of speech when it comes to Spanish, meaning it takes me like 10 seconds to form a response in proper Spanish to people who talk to me. But I can still understand pretty well, which is awesome! It was definitely a refreshing change of pace for me. It was a good day!
So I conducted my first baptismal interview this past week! It was for the sister missionaries' investigator. I got to interview little Tayler for her baptism. She's 9 years old and is as sharp as they come. I asked her about tithing and she excitedly said, "Oh! that's when if I do a really big chore and get 10 dollars, I give 1 dollar to the bishop and he sends it to salt lake and they use it to build temples and churches!!!" haha needless to say the interview was a blast and she passed! I told her to go give her mom and dad a big hug after the closing prayer and she got a big smile on her face and said "Okay!" and went and did it. We went to the baptism on Saturday and it was a success! Being a district leader has its ups and downs, but experiences like that make it all worth it.
Well we're planning on having our own baptism this next week. Thursday at 4pm! It will be for Carlos. I'll send pictures next week. Hopefully he passes his interview haha he's been meaning to get baptized for months now and we're making it happen. He's the investigator that reminds me of Dakota Casillas and Jason Boren combined. Super funny and awesome kid! He graduates with his associates the same day as his baptism, which is awesome! He's 18 and still in high school. he'll be graduating at the end of the semester. His brother just got baptized not too long ago. He's got a lot of support! Go Carlos!
So I really hope you guys have an awesome week and work hard and have fun! haha
Love, Elder Payne

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