Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm Gonna Be a Zone Leader!

Now first things first, let me get this straight. QP used my car for a date?? Cool! Yeah you can use that thing to get married in too please be my guest! I remember going to the last little bit of the Easter pageant with mom last year before I left. I watched the resurrection of Christ and mom went to go get a chili dog from DQ haha. That's cool! So is baby payne here yet? I've been trying to brainstorm of something to send home for the occasion. It's a good thing I'm a missionary or else I'd actually think of something cool. Oh well! Keep me posted though! Prayers every night that it will be a success.
Haha well April fools I'm not actually gonna be a zone leader. Well I might, but not right now. But we did get transfer calls yesterday! I got a surprise call from President Leonard "Good morning Elder Payne! .....you will be the new district leader of the telegraph district!" Whoa! haha "Hey thanks president sure I'll do it!" So yeah I'm the new big bad DL! Should be fun...not sure what all to do yet but that's the thing about a mission, you just have to do it and learn along the way. So be it! It's funny though because Elder Gomez became DL halfway through training me, so I'm following in Papa's steps and doing the same thing. This next transfers stacked with a temple trip, ZTM's and a zone conference so I might only get a couple of DTM's to take charge of. But I'm sure I'll get to do a couple baptismal interviews! Sweet!
Well hope you all had a great Easter! (Or to be more religiously correct, Resurrection Sunday) We had a great time ourselves! Mom got a text of our Easter baskets we got from a part-less active family haha. We had a great day at church. Each ward was packed with family and some non members! Three of our own investigators came and enjoyed some amazing Easter talks. Super awesome! We had dinner last night with the best landlords ever, the Bardsley's. I wish I would have gotten a pic of us! They're super nice and amazing. We're so blessed! Whoever all comes to pick me up when I leave the mission, their house will have to be one of our first stops! We also got to see some intense archery skills from their grandson Graham. He has this crazy $600 60 lb compound bow that I could barely pull back! Gotta work out more! haha we had a great Easter!
Well we're trying to prep Carlos for baptism this next Saturday. Turns out he's having some troubles with some commandments so we'll keep working with him. He was supposed to get baptized in January so we're being very diligent with him. Nikki is still on date for April 20th and is on fire with the gospel! She's the best! And Katrina is finally starting to pick up the pace with us! We had a hard time getting her to keep an appointment before but this last week we had three solid appointments in a row! She's doing great and has a super strong desire to come closer to Christ! I'm so happy for her because her life right now is super mixed up and crazy and hard. She's seriously like Angie reincarnated. Remember Angie? She was from Cedar City when I was up there and when I left she moved and never got baptized. Sad! But it's crazy because Katrina's situation is almost exactly identical, so it's as though my experience in Cedar was just preparation for now. Such is life! We'll put her on date for baptism this week.
Well in a bunch of other random news, I met President Larkin from the District 1 the other week. He lives in our area! Crazy...I had no idea he lived in St. George (did I already mention this?) We knocked on a door this week and I swear Derric Casillas answered it. Seriously looked exactly like him. Like, I thought it was him, so I stared at him and looked all confused for like 30 seconds haha. So weird! It wasn't him though. Well missions are awkward! Also, we've had meat loaf like 3 or 4 times this month, and we both hate meat loaf which is ironic. Gross! haha we went to Chuck a Rama (kinda like Old Country buffet or Golden Corral) which is where we ate when we came to St. George when I was a teacher a few years ago. Super nostalgic! haha I met a family that knows brother Alder...the Suman's. Kind of a weird story behind that one. Oh and I learned from the family that sent mom that Easter text that they actually have a bowling alley in Antarctica. What!
K I gotta go! Love you guys bye!
Elder Payne!

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