Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4birth of Juliey Day

Hijo le no manches! qp, en cierto?? su carta esta loco pero como se dice suuuper bien! jaja orale wow! Hey well we've been really busy and focused this week that I keep forgetting about my birthday. I loved all the pictures haha good times! We proselyted like any other day on the 4th except we ate lunch with the payne's I mean the brian's, and we had a zone activity at a chapel in St. George from 6 to 9. We played sproutball and dogdeball woohoo! Oh I don't know if I ever mentioned this but Elder Ramirez is the other DL in our zone so it's super awesome to see him at things like that. We're good buddies and we kept destroying each other with the ball the whole time haha it was fun! We're practically relief society presidents...being in st. george we get soo many sister missionaries in our districts because of the visitor center at the temple. Our zone consists of 8 elders total and 12 sisters. Being a district leader of sisters and having to call them and check on things and offer advice is probably preparing me for marriage. I do notice that phone calls with the elders takes about 5 minutes and with the sisters its like 15...they talk forever! haha but it's all good and we have a sweet zone. We had a zone training meeting this week and if you pay attention to the communicator mom and dad, our zone (St. George Central, or SGC) is a little lower than the rest of the zones. At ztm on Friday we all decided that this doesn't mean we're awful missionaries, it just means that the Lord has put some of his best missionaries in one of the toughest zones in the mission. That's the way we have to look at it, because it's true. We're the best missionaries for the areas we serve in, otherwise the Lord wouldn't have put us there. But there's always room for improvement, and our zone leaders are setting the expectations! One of them, Elder Lopez-Mayta, is from Bolivia. Super good elder!
Anyway, we've had a great week all in all. We found two new less-active couples that we're starting to teach. One of them was a referral from the ward, they told us to go find these people because nobody has been able to contact them. Turns out the wife has been really ill for the past several months and they haven't been to church since they moved into the area. We offered to give a blessing, and we ended up finally giving her one on Tuesday. I got to give it! I love giving blessings...they require you to rely on the spirit soo much haha. It's really humbling but rewarding. Anyway they want us to teach them the missionary lessons and they want to try to get back into church despite her health. Amazing! We were definitely on the same page as the Lord with that couple...in the right place at the right time.
Speaking of blessings though, I got a text from one of our sister missionaries. Her companion is brand new, a French sister who learned her first bit of english at the mtc. Now that she's in the field, she feels super uncomfortable and she feels like she can't express herself the way she wants to and that everyone is judging her whenever she speaks. It's definitely a trial for her! Anyway we quickly called for a ride and got over to the visitor center after studies so that I could give her a blessing. We went into a room and after explaining what a blessing of "comfort" was to her and saying her full name in French, I started giving her the blessing. At first I was trying to keep my words simple so that she could understand them, and I was doing okay, but it was a challenge nonetheless. Then I paused and heard the faint sound of a pencil scratching on some paper. Her companion (bless her heart) was taking notes! She was writing down my blessing so that her companion could refer back to it whenever she needed to. Sweet! So with that assurance, I knew I could just go full blast and give her a proper blessing from the spirit. Such an amazing experience! I got to use all the little bits of wisdom that I have learned from my own mtc experience, learning a language and all the struggles that came with that, and give that knowledge to her through the blessing. It was incredible!
Well, on that note, I gotta go!
Elder Payne

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