Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Zone Conference​!

Hey I appreciate all the emails! Wow back to Chile again huh? Yeah I was wondering this past week if you were still there or if you had come home or what haha. That's cool though that you guys came up through the mission! I always keep an eye peeled for cars that look like ones from home, and then of course I'll double-take the Chevy Tahoes and Ford Rangers and so forth haha. No Thatcher Fire Chief trucks though! Elder Linville and I always have to grin at each other when after we help with the sacrament on Sundays in some wards, they invite the priesthood to go back and sit with their families haha. We miss our families but at the same time we don't! haha
Well so yeah we had a zone conference this week, our first one with President Center and our last one with Elder Woolley, our infamous car coordinator. He was a military drill sergeant and he gets in our faces all the time. Great man but extremely fiery! We love him and his sweet wife. She's the mission secretary and she's confined to a wheel chair. Such strong and unique personalities! We're going to miss them a ton! But anyway I digress. Zone conference was good. We had some great speakers and trainings from President and sister Center and the assistants E Stewart and Campbell. We even did a reenactment of the story of Ammon and king Lamoni and his father. Swords and everything! It was the ultimate role play. They sang happy birthday to like 15 of us! But yeah lots of revelation and inspiration was received! Zone conferences are the best!
One bit of news we got at zone conference is that there will be no backpacks in any mission worldwide by the end of the year, which is kind of a bummer because mom just bought me one! and I've put a lot of use in it! But yeah I'm not sure what to use instead...probably a shoulder bag haha I'll look like the ultimate nerd with my harry potter glasses but if that's what the brethen up north want then by all means I'm willing to do it! I'll look around at Ross or wherever whenever I have time, but I may need to ask someone probably mom for assistance when the time comes.
Well that's about it for this week! Our "clients" (investigators and less-actives) are progressing pretty well. Some of them are moving on and don't need our help anymore because they're so gosh darn active, which is awesome! Like Stefani and the Jerdens! But yeah we're finding new investigators and not only that but we're finding the elect and honest in heart, which is very encouraging! Transfers are coming up on Aug 4th and I'll most likely be leaving. I wrote on our area progress report that I'm fine with leaving at this point, so stay tuned until then! Oh and we're marching in the 24th parade this week and we'll be meeting Elder Holland and taking pictures! Gotta go!
Elder Payne!

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