Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


What in the world! Yeah so I'm staying in Buena Vista 2 for another transfer!! I totally thought I was leaving so I was saying bye to everyone this week and Stefani and her buddies gave me a "goodbye" gift with a note and everything haha. But yeah we got the call at like 10pm last night from Elder Stewart. He said "Elders we have a transfer call for you! ...are you ready? Elder Payne and Elder Linville, you will both be staying in Buena Vista 2! Elder Payne will stay as senior companion and district leader and Elder Linville will continue to be junior companion. Any questions?" AAHHHhHh I'm sooo happy! Elder linville said "oh praise Jesus!!" or something like that haha while I was yelling "YES!" We got like two or three texts from people in our area this morning saying how their prayers have been answered that we're both staying! The lord has made his will know unto us, so now it's time to capitalize and perform! We've already been setting some goals to become even better missionaries and to boost up the work in the area as well as in the Telegraph district! We're excited! We're anxiously engaged! Amen.
So other than all that, we've had a great week! We watched the broadcast last night.....suuuper bien! Like for real it was excellent! Go watch it all! It's only 2 hours of modern day revelation! The whole presentation revitalized our purpose as members and missionaries (which is the same purpose by the way! Preach my gospel page 1!) It showed us what we need to do, how to do it, and why we need to do it. And with the changing times, full time missionaries will be using the internet for digital proselyting soon enough. Pretty crazy! We'll see how all that unfolds! It was awesome to see all the young MTC missionaries though! Holy cow they look like 8th graders! That age change is fo real...it's amazing!
Umm...gosh what else did we do this week. Oh we got permission  to confirm Stefani on Monday night! What an awesome experience that was! and she got a limited use temple recommend interview right afterwards, so on Wednesday night we went to the temple to do baptisms!! Holy cow it was the best experience of my mission so far! The spirit was sooo strong and being with Stefani and seeing how far she's come in the past short month was incredible. Elder Linville struggled with the confirmations haha they were all Slovakian names! I got to baptize Kenna, Kate, Stefani, Elder Linville, then he baptized me, then I got to baptize some random kid too!!! All spanish names and I think even Kp and QP would be proud of my pronunciation! Silky smooth! Oh my gosh I was soo happy haha. I really hope they have instant replay cameras in the celestial kingdom because that experience was priceless! It's that type of experience that makes the entire 2 years absolutely and without question worth it.
I liked that picture of caboose mom because there's like 500 frozen yogurt places here in St. George so we got taken out for some yogurt by members twice last week haha. Gosh Chile! Man that's like the ultimate transfer! it kinda reminds me of when mom and I flew down to peru for the first time...it was kinda nerve racking! Neither of us knew what was going on until we found you! haha but that's awesome you will do great and heavenly father will in fact help you! He has to! He is bound when we do what he asks us! It'll be a great adventure to tell the kids one day. I'm also looking forward to that giant flag haha I wish I could have one! Anyway we need to split! Love you guys!
Elder Payne

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