Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another slow week..with baptisms!

Well so yeah! Super slow week but we had a couple more baptisms on Saturday! Tyson and Josh both got baptized, and both are 11 years old. It was stake baptisms day, so the stake decided to throw them in with the other 16 baptisms that were going on. Sounds good to us! We thought it would be stress free and we could just sit back and let the stake take care of everything. Well, they scheduled Tyson at 11:30 and Josh at 11:50, so we basically had to be at two places at once. We swam though people to get from Tyson's program and take a picture of Josh and get the records filled out and get his program going and then went to the RS room for Tyson's baptism and right after Josh's group came in and he and his little sister who just turned 8 both got baptized and then E Betham and I had to split up to supervise the remainder of both programs (we went ahead and did Josh's confirmation right then) and eventually......it was over! Whew! It was a scramble for sure but we got them in the water! They were the last ones of the day so there were a ton of sins in that tank haha.
Well besides the baptisms, we're going to be getting maps for all 14 wards and go through and knock some doors that we don't know yet and see who lives behind them. That's basically what we've been doing, but know we're basically just remapping the whole stake. Should be fun! Members, non members, less actives....we're desperate for anybody haha. President has been encouraging us to start looking for some less active work in the stake since finding is particularly low right now. We're hoping this will work and to be honest, we would not be offended if we get white washed out of here (we both kind of would prefer that actually haha) In other news, we talked about missionary life at a Priest/Laurel activity the other week. An RM spoke after us....I didn't get his name but he served in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I asked if he met an Elder Payne and he said that there was an Elder Payne leaving right as he got there. We overlapped him! So if you ever heard of a greenie gringo from the "greens of St. George" (Little Valley), then that was him! Also, I've decided that Elder Betham looks a lot like Pres Obama, and I'm up to 17 ties now! I've gotten 10 since I've been here hahah. Anyway that's all for this week! Love you guys!
Elder Payne!

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