Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Work rolls On

Well shoot man that's awesome! They made it to state! 'bout time haha let me know how that goes. When we went to state my freshman year I didn't even care anymore, and I think the rest of our team thought so too haha so we got destroyed. Let's see what happens! I need some footage! haha anyway this week I figured out that mystery building. We drove past the Carl's Jr. here in St. George and I saw the indoor playground thing inside of it and I realized that it looks exactly like the "mystery" building that mom's been updating me with. So I figured it out in the nick of time! haha that's cool Carl's Jr. is pretty good! But I still want a Wendy's....and a Panda Express haha. There's still 16 months though we'll see! So Jake's finally taking off huh! That's so awesome haha I heard about him wanting to serve a mission back when I was in the MTC and haven't heard of anything since then. Sick! That's gonna be awesome! In Thatcher it's weird to have people over 20 to serve missions, but in the rest of the world it's an every day thing haha. there's a missionary here that's like 26 and E Betham just turned 23 this month. Keith and Quentin could go serve another mission if they wanted to....well sort of haha. But anyway thanks for the updates on the "thatch-nasty" life.
I must apologize, by the way, for my lack of detail. That mansion I took a picture of isn't actually our house...just a random example of the hard life we're living here in Little Valley. I'll have to take a pic of our real house, as well as one next to the AZ state line haha. But yeah the work is going pretty slow! E Toropainen collected all of the low hanging fruit in the 7 months he was here. There's hardly any non members in our stake...and the Little valley stake is like the best stake in the church statistically speaking. Very strong activity and very few non members. One of our wards has two non members in the entire ward boundary haha. They've all heard the routine many times, so we're trying to deliver a fresh approach to peak their interest this time around. Unfortunately neither of our finding efforts are very creative haha so things are going slow as far as future work here in the area.
In the mean time we had another baptism on Saturday! His name is Kason, another nine year old. He's a character! His mom is getting back into the church and is super supportive and helpful. Pretty much everyone we're teaching has been taught all the lessons, so I haven't taught anything but bits of lesson four for the past couple weeks haha. Regardless it's been super fun getting to know Kason and his little brother and sister and his mom. Good family! In the RS room where we did the baptism they have "The world's most advanced electronic piano" that can play songs on it's own. I was jamming out to some prelude music and everyone thought I was playing the whole time haha good times. Gotcha! Anyway we still have four, almost five more baptisms line up for this transfer. Should be good!
We gave a talk yesterday in the new Red Butte ward. E Betham is from Hawaii so he got up after the three youth speakers and said "brothers and sisters, ALOHA!" and everyone said aloha back then gave his talk haha. I spoke after him so I got up and said "brothers and sisters, HELLO!" and they all said hello and laughed at me haha. The first talk was on prayer, the next one on the Holy Ghost, the next on Jesus Christ, and the next on Hawaii and being rescued by the Lord. So obviously my talk was about being anxiously engaged. haha it was a pretty freestyle meeting with all kinds of topics. We encouraged this new ward to be proactive instead of reactive (something sis Leonard told us) in their new callings and in missionary work. I told them that even if the Nursery leader gets tackled by a bunch of crying kids, as long as she is anxiously engaged and finds joy in her work, it's all good! Haha so I gave a shout out to mom basically. Anyway it was fun!
I've noticed that whenever people ask me where Thatcher is they either look puzzled and ask "where's that by?" or they'll say "Oh that's Pres Kimball's stomping grounds!" haha if it's the former I'll respond by saying "nothing" and then say it's 2.5 hours southeast of Mesa. E Betham and I have been contemplating about typing up a "get to know Elder Payne" card so that whenever I meet someone new I can just hand it to them instead of saying the same thing over and over again. It's worth a shot! We'll see if I have time to make some haha.
Well so this past week was zone conference! It was good....President is hyping us up and preparing us for all the new changes that are upon us. So there's 33 new missionaries coming next transfer and counting (30 elders, 3 sisters). Although we're getting lots of new missionaries, we aren't getting any new cars. In fact, there's somewhere around 50 new missions opening up and we'll have to share cars with them. Needless to say, it's extremely likely I'll end up in a walking area soon enough. Pretty much all of the 20-30 areas in St. George alone will become walking areas because it's a bigger city and there's transportation available and resources are pretty compacted. Up north they'll still have cars. Either way, new missionaries HAVE to buy bikes. So mom looks like you were right! Should have listened! haha I'll probably have to buy a bike if I can't find one. The Benson's have some they don't use at all that are in great shape, so I'll have to talk with them and see what's available. Otherwise I'll have to browse somewhere else. There's a few bike shops here, but I'll keep looking into it. I still have at least 3 weeks with a car, so if you have any suggestions at all let me know next week! I still have that bike paper that they sent in my welcome packet. I'll have to look at that.
Anyway I gotta go! There's a time limit over here at the Washington Library! I love you guys! be safe this week and remember that the Atonement is like a repair shop for your beautiful new Ferrari and Christ is the repair man. Being anxiously engaged is the key to the car. Quentin is also a good repair man if you need him. Anyway that is all! Buh bye!

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