Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, January 14, 2013

St. George Bound!

So yeah I'm going back to St. George! I'll be serving in the Little Valley area with Elder Betham (BEE thumb). Should be interesting! I already know the area semi well since that was part of my area when I served in the YSA stake over there. Elder Betham, as far as I know him, is a lot like Elder Ramirez...really competitive and outgoing. Hopefully he doesn't have as short of a temper as E Ramirez! haha anyway we'll see how that all goes. I'm taking off on Tuesday at 4:00pm, so I have to get all packed up, which is awful. I hate packing! Oh well haha that transfer call really caught us off guard. We thought for sure E Ramirez would be leaving and I would get a new companion. President Leonard specifically told me this week that I wouldn't be training yet. Either way, it definitely caught me off guard. Elder Ramirez will be getting Elder Toropainen who is from I believe Finland and served in the military there. He's like Keith's age or something like that and he's an awesome Elder. He learned English out here in the field and has a couple months left on his mission. He'll be a great replacement for me! It's always sad to say bye to the people you've been working so hard with for the past few months and then you're gone in a couple days, but that's how the Lord works haha. I wish I could stay for Nate and Angie's baptisms, but I must move on!
We put Nate on date for the 2nd of February by the way. He's so golden and he's so excited! He loves having us come over to teach him. His younger brother is just starting to sit in as well. I'll try to get a picture with them before I take off! We started lesson 1 again with Angie and Tyron. Neither of them went to church yesterday which was kinda frustrating, but regardless they are still not giving up. We found out that Angie is pregnant again, but they say they've been keeping the law of chastity since we taught it to them. Angie doesn't know if she's healthy enough to carry another baby with all the health problems she's been having. Either way, we're really gonna start pushing toward marriage soon so that they can both get baptized together.
This past week we took Hayden to BroComstock's backyard Book of Mormon cave! sounds pretty crazy but it's all true! Coolest thing ever! Hayden and his little sister LOVED it, and even their mom was amazed. We thought it would be the perfect treat for Hayden, and I think we were right! It snowed just before we went over there but his cave is heated and everything. Success! I'll send some pictures. I'm gonna have to take you guys here sometime to see it...he's been having strangers come and take the tour since 2008 haha BroComstock is awesome!
Well I'm glad you all got those prints!! Bro Parson is the man. I'm not sure if we'll have time to see him before I leave, but we'll see! It's been pretty cold over here by the way! Last night the low was around -13 degrees or so. Right now it's 2 degrees outside. Toasty! It'll be warmer in Little Valley though. I've been bundling up just fine though, don't you worry mom. It's really awesome to hear from you guys by the way! Thanks for all the updates on things! Keep doing what you're doing and don't give up. Thatcher soccer better shape up and make it to state.....or else! haha thanks for the pics mom! and thanks for the wise words of wisdom dad I'll definitely have to keep those thoughts in my mind throughout this next transfer with all the changes taking place. I appreciate what you all are doing and accomplishing and just to let you know, you're a huge example to me! I printed out that picture I took while we were skyping...it's my favorite pic in the mission! Anyway I love you guys and keep up the good work!
Elder Payne!

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