Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 2 in Ephraim!

Well it's been a pretty good week up here in Ephraim! Things are still picking up as we get a firm grip on the work in this area. We've talked with a ton of leadership in the stake and have been meeting all kinds of new people, so it's been good! But it's still pretty slow since a lot of appointments have been cancelling, but it's a tough time of year...everyone's trying to squeeze in their last little trips to who knows where before the school year starts up. But yeah we're getting things rolling!

So Elder Wengert took off last monday, so it's just been Elder Stephens and me! We're teaching a few people right now, one of which is the giant polynesian guy in the pictures I sent last week. His name is ILaisia (like Elijah). He's super awesome haha he's basically experienced the first half of Alma 36 in his life, and we're helping make some spiritual changes in his life. From gang banger to.....well hopefully a worthy priesthood holder! He's pretty open with us and doesn't want to get pushed into baptism. He wants to learn and do it when he feels it is right. It's tough though because he plays football at Snow and they've been stacked with two-a-days and weights, but we're gonna meet up tonight and start teaching him for real. 

We're planning on having a baptism this Saturday! Came out of nowhere last week...a bishop stopped us as we were getting in our car and told us about a 10 year old girl that wants to get baptized on the 24th. The parents just got divorced and the mom has custody now, so the way has been opened, but the dad still doesn't want her to be baptized. We'll see how that unfolds this week. 

So fortunately for us, yes they do have a walmart here! It's a compact one, nice and cozy! We also have a car wash right next to the Family History center, and a washer and dryer in our apartment, so P-day chores are a breeze here! Thank goodness! But yeah they have a few good places to eat around here...like the Malt Shop (which Pres Kartchner himself actually recommended to me before I left). It's a lot like Taylor Freeze only better in my opinion. But yeah there's a ton of farming and ranching here. Cows, horses, chickens....but the main industry is none other than a big turkey processing plant in Moroni about 10 miles away from here. Turkeys! I've heard all kinds of stories about how good the BBQ turkey is here, but I have yet to try it! haha

Hey it's good to hear from K...Kyle and Shayla?...wait I mean Ke..Keith and Shauna! Oh yeah you guys! hahaha just kidding! That's great news about Katelyn! Bryson is a stud. As far as the food itself goes here, it's pretty much just an extension of Arizona. The only out of the ordinary food that I've had is Kimchi and frog legs, and I guess lamb. I'm a fan of Oriental food now for the most part. We eat with a hispanic lady and her husband every sunday here, and they make Vegan food for us! which means they can't eat anything that comes from an animal...solamente food from plants. It's actually pretty refreshing. 

Well that's too bad that my box didn't get there! Shoot! It had all my spanish and personal study books that I never used and more importantly some one-of-a-kind gifts for you guys, including QP's birthday present! oh well there's not a whole lot I can do about that at this point...just let me know if it ever shows up haha

Oh and I need the EAC curriculum as well. I figure if I'm gonna be going to school next year, I need to figure out what I'm going to sign up for. Just something for me to look at on p-day or lunchtime. I've been meaning to ask for that for a while but I kept forgetting haha. I don't want to worry about it too much at all yet, but I like getting head starts where it's appropriate. Oh mom and remember the "Don't Open until Thanksgiving 2013" envelop? Should we postpone that? haha

Thanks family much love!
Elder Payne


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