Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, July 30, 2012

"Hasta Ver" a el CCM

Well I had all my notes for this week to write in this email, and I left them back at the flat. So, I'll just have to wing it! First of all, it was nice to read all of your DearElders and emails this week! Sounds like Quentin's getting things figured out, which is awesome! Just keep figuring out how to make good circumstances even better. That's pretty awesome to hear about Rob's experience. That's a golden opportunity for some missionary work. Seems to me like there's not much of a better time. Good luck with the new job opportunity Keith! There's some awesome blessings in store for you if you do your best. Hey mom, it would probably be really cool for Emily if you guys did stuff together (if you're not already) and be one of her buddies. Just a thought. There are other ways to serve than just giving them a place to stay! And yes I know Couch Cluff is Clara's uncle haha. Well shoot I hope MLee is doing alright! The MTC is awesome. Elder Goodman will be here for what...12 weeks? He'll have plenty of time to adjust to missionary life. There's no need to fear! He's in the Lord's hands. As long as he's doing his best to be a missionary and is obedient, then the Lord will not allow his mistakes to prevent anyone's salvation. Even if he can only say a prayer after the MTC, that's all he needs to invite the Spirit into someone's life. He'll do fine! He's been prepared well! Oh by the way mom, I actually used one of those little gerber thingies. I gave one to Elder Von Kampen, and we used it to fix our residence's door hinge. haha that was pretty cool. Elder Von Kampen is going to San Bernadino California by the way. He leaves tomorrow morning! I'll join up with Elder Church and Killian in a trio. Well this week we had our In-Field Orientation, which was basically just a day's worth of workshops and seminars about what to expect in the field. We talked about the importance of members and especially referrals. The most important reminder in all of Preach My Gospel is to ask referrals from everyone. So pretty much whenever you talk to someone, ask for referrels. Should be fun! All in all the in field orientation just re vamped my desire to get out there. Seems like I've gotten complacent with the MTC, maybe I've been here too long haha. Either way, it still hasn't really hit me yet. We've been sitting in our classroom chairs for a total of 23 full days. I'm pumped to start working for real! I have a call card, but I'm not too sure how to use it. I should be calling sometime in between 5 and 6 am Utah time. I'm still not quite sure what to expect out there in the field. All I know is that I'm going to be with an English speaking trainer for now. I will get to use my Spanish whenever I come across a Spanish person while contacting. I'm excited! Does anyone have advice and/or stories about getting out into the field? Thanks Keith for your words of wisdom. Well goodness I wish I could remember what all I needed to say...I guess if it's super important I'll write it next week. I love you guys!

Elder Payne :)

p.s. I'll be sending a little package this week. It's intended for Mom, Dad, Keith, Shauna, and Quentin. Okay thanks! See ya in the field!

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