Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Climax of the MTC!

Well how in the world is everyone?! What a crazy week it has been over here in Provo! Well I got to see Andrew Nolan and Dallin Green this week! that was awesome! Elder Nolan's class is like 10 feet away from mine, so we've seen each other a lot so far haha. We got a new district in our zone, and four of them are going to Cuzco Peru. I thought for sure Andrew would be in our zone once I heard that. Oh well! He's doing well and is as happy as ever. Elder Green is such a handsome man. The spirit just oozes off of him, and I love his enthusiasm! By the way, we got two new roommates this week as well! Elder Balderston and Elder Hall! they are both going to somewhere in Mexico...I think Pueblo? Not sure. Elder Hall is actually from Payson, and he says he knows Kaytlyn Curtis. Small world. Elder V.K. and I are still enjoying life here at the MTC. We still have about 12 lessons a week but we're up to 8 investigators this week. It's fun! Oh and thanks for reminding me of my bday everyone! haha I almost forgot. it's been a wonderful day so far! thanks for the Trash Bags keith and shauna! haha got the package today! the reeses were completely smashed and melted but delicious! oh and mom's package was awesome! my favorite part of it was the socks haha how sad! but it's what i needed the most, so thanks mom! the temple is closed still, so we won't be going there for a while. there's like 3 other mtc employees that have a birthday today too haha. I loved hearing the reports on the fourth of july! keith's letters in general are just awesome. I'm not sure why. I just feel like I'm there with you guys when I read his letters. it's cool! still no homesickness by the way! anyway, yeah I feel bad for you all. our fourth of july celebration was awesome! we were expecting to be serious and spiritual, but it ended up being fun and spiritual instead! we all showed up 30 min early, so Pres. Brown (mtc president) had us sing happy birthday to a few people and the country, then we sang "we wish you a happy birthday" to someone else. then he called up elders who had been dear-john'd haha. we all sang "love one another" to them, and Pres. Brown even pulled out a tissue and dryed their tears! they were all just laughing though, so it was good fun. in fact, I think half of them just went up for fun. one elder pulled out his camera in the middle of the song and started taking pictures of everyone. then he asked another elder to take his picture with us in the background. then there were some musical numbers (including real bagpipes!) and an awesome and powerful program. afterwards we got to watch FIREWORKS! no way, my favorite part of the 4th of july! it was so awesome! then we all went to bed at like 11:30 haha. it was much better than I was expecting! thanks to Sis. Wright for the update on FBLA Nationals! it's so crazy that it's been a whole year since I went.... I hope Nathan is doing work up there! Thank you Dad for the report and advice! wish I could have been there, but I would trade this experience for that. Oh and thanks mom for the addresses so far! but I need some more haha can you send me addresses for Sis. Wiltbank, Howards, Echols, Bro Evans, and Bishop Howard?

Alright well I'll quickly explain what happened this morning. I got a note saying to go see President Hacking, who is our district president (the man above our Branch President, Pres. Stone) anyway, he told me that he got a call from my mission president, Pres. Leonard, earlier. He was told that he currently has an excess of Spanish speakers and has inquired of me if I would be willing to work with the English speakers. He needs an English speaker! wow! but that doesn't mean I'm done with spanish. I will still be assigned as a Spanish speaker and will still be able to use my spanish whenever I can. But for right now, the Lord needs an extra English speaker. I've been prepared for this opportunity to open up. Heavenly Father knows exactly what I need, even when it's not clear for others. President Hacking described me as a "hot commodity" and says that everyone in Salt Lake is up in arms with me haha. This is a blessing, not a curse. I will have an opportunity to speak spanish to someone, but my mission president needs another English speaker! I'm bilingual haha shoot well if you have any questions for me, let me know. I'm well out of time now, but I really needed to add this into this email. Love you all! I can feel your prayers. This work is true, and Christ is my best friend. Miracles do come. Continue the legacy!

Con amor,
Elder Payne :)

p.s. How is Chance doing?

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