Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Companion!

What's up yall! This past week has been pretty crazy! Elders Holmstead, Smith, and Sanderson all moved up to intermediate spanish this week, and now i'm companions with elder Von Kampen. He's a little different than elder holmstead, but it's a cool experience to have a different companion. he talks about how much he loves green tabasco sauce and when his family sent him some, he about cryed with happiness. he has some pretty crazy dreams too, but i'll tell you about that in a couple years. But i'll miss elder holmstead! I wish i could send pics, but alas...not at the mtc. Elder holmstead said you guys should turn those two dead palm trees into a giant slingshot. try it! I loved to hear about elder stat going to oregon! Elder payne!? we always joked about how we would be companions, and now we are! sort of..... well the food isn't too bad over here..we had kalua pork followed by orange chicken this week, which reminded me of home! that was awesome. its crazy how at 930 pm the sky is still light outside. it throws me off. oh and we saw Elder Reis (one of the elders from The District) this week! that was cool, he's famous. apparently those elders train the missionaries who are about to leave into the field. HAPPY FATHERS DAY! to dad! I still haven't heard from him since I've been here, and I'm concerned he's not getting my emails/letters. someone please follow up for me! you're my only hope! Well, this should be my last week as District Leader. It's been fun. The older district is leaving this week. I'm gonna miss them...theyre like older brothers for us, and now we have to be the example for the new elders coming in this week. well shoot, time is already short, so I'll have to end here. I'll be sending out some hand written letters soon, but I need some addresses! Mom can you send them to me in a Dear Elder so I can send them off sooner? (thanks for Danny's) thanks! love you all!

please send addresses for:
Grandma Payne
Grandpa Hoopes
Elder Devin Hatch
Andrew Spencer
Elder Nathan Wright
Elder Ethan McBride

con amor,
Elder Payne :)

p.s. Thanks for the general updates about the new EAC rental stuff! that's awesome mom! good luck! the fans look sweet too. Good luck with all those talks Keith haha that's awesome! thanks for the dear elders qp! the support you guys give me is tremendous!

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