Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, September 30, 2013

Time for a change...more or less!

Well first of all, we got transfer calls last night at 10:44pm! That's the latest I've ever gotten them haha I'm sure we were probably last on the list. Anyway, turns out we're both staying here in Ephraim!! So nothing's changing, but we're making some changes, personally and as a companionship. We need to up our efforts. We can be even more obedient and diligent. We can do more than we are, especially me! I can't afford to stay put or go backwards, so in response to this transfer call I'm going to go forward and push myself. I feel like the Lord is testing to see if I can make my own changes instead of waiting for transfers to change them for me. So we'll see where this takes the work, and most importantly the people I'm serving! I'm expecting miracles. And ultimately the success will be shown not in the numbers of baptisms or lessons, but in the lives of those we touch and bring closer to Christ.

Hmm with that in mind, we're pretty hopeful for this transfer! This week was pretty good, but we're still in the process of sifting out the elect in our area. We're down to two investigators, one of which is getting baptized this Saturday. We've had to set aside a few people just because they're not quite ready to progress. But the Lord wouldn't have it any other way, so we're moving forward with faith!

Well I've been learning a lot about the Gospel this past transfer. Not necessarily new things, just new perspectives. I was reminded that we cannot be saved in ignorance, and therefore we must do what we know, we must grow from what we do, and we must learn from how we grow, for that is the pattern by which we receive experience and wisdom, which is one of the very few things we can take from this life. Elder Stephens has some cool little stories and analogies. One of them is the penny example. If you have one dirty grimy nasty penny and one super shiny penny, which one is worth more? Well they're worth the same! Or at least they have equal potential for what they are intended for. And thus we see the loving and eternal perspective of Heavenly Father!

Also, since there's no time limit on computers here in Ephraim, I've been able to find out a little about my own family history haha. I read about Edward Payne, who was the first convert in our family. He joined the church in the mid 1800's in England after hearing about the LDS religion by an excommunicated member. Long story short, he came over to the US and crossed the plains with the rest of the saints. Interesting! So yeah I was able to trace the Payne's from England up to our own day, and turns out I'm related to all the Payne's here in Utah! Well I already figured that, but now I can tell people that with confidence since a lot of people ask me where my family came from. I'm gonna try to find out more about the Hoopes side, so wish me luck haha.

Hmm well that's all I can think of right now. Thanks for the emails and support! Keep looking for those opportunities to find people for the missionaries to teach in the Gila Valley please please please please. Amen.

Elder Payne!


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