Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Ate Dinner at the Payne's!

Hi! It's been a great week and to be honest I don't really know what to write haha sorry mom. It's been one of those weeks where we just spent most of our time finding people to teach...contacting former investigators and potential investigators and referrals and everything like that (door to door tracting is at the bottom of the list in Utah missions). Three of the four units we're teaching cancelled appointments this weeks because of Spring Break haha are they having that in Thatcher these days? It's kinda cool to walk outside and feel the crisp spring air....makes it feel like school is ending and summer is coming! Not that it makes a difference on my mission but I like it! It rained over here too...I think the clouds are connected haha I make jokes about how close I am to home all the time. It seriously feels like I stayed home and all you guys just left somewhere else haha.
Well yeah so other than the eight lessons we taught this week (which isn't very many by the way) we had some cool experiences. E Bradford wrecked on his bike! Silly guy haha we were riding up the road and on the side they have this windy sidewalk, so we started riding downhill on it and we were cruising pretty fast, E Bradford was in the lead going extra fast. Well, I looked up and saw that the bike was actually on top of E Bradford and he was under it just coasting on the gravel to the side. I thought to myself "Wait a minute....that's not how you're supposed to ride a bike..?" So I parked behind him and he was screaming and got the air knocked out of him at the same time which sounded really funny but at the time it was serious! I could have sworn he broke something, but he got up and got some water and shook it off. Just some road rash and a couple bruised tendons! Thank goodness...we're being watched out for on all levels! The bike is fine too so we're all alive haha. It's funny though because just before he started going downhill, he heard a voice in his head "Be careful!" and then suffered the consequences haha
He actually used that experience to illustrate the importance of the holy ghost to one of our investigators, Carlos. It's weird because Carlos reminds me of Dakota Casillas so it's really funny teaching him haha. He doesn't quite feel ready for baptism so we testified of the importance of repentance and the availability of it even after baptism. He got invited to give a talk on the Holy Ghost at his brother's baptism this next week so we're helping him with that haha. His brother is 19 and carlos is 18. We're not teaching his brother but we're all going to the baptism. Should be a good experience!
Well so yeah, we ate at the Payne's last night. I was going to take a picture with them but I forgot! No relation...their side comes from Canada somewhere, unless that's where we come from and I don't know that? Beats me. But we shared some jokes about our last name (I've never heard "Window Payne" before) and had a great time! They're less active so it's nice to just be their friend and be a positive influence for them. Their neighbor is our ward mission leader and he and his wife were there too. Lots of fun! There's a ton of Payne's in our mission, all of them descend from Canada though.
Well there you have it. We should be busier this next week which will be nice. Mom you're doing the renting thing again huh? Cool! looks like the shower thingy was fun haha man I'm almost a real uncle! Well you guys all hang in there and have a great week!
In a world where things are so expensive, the Atonement is still free! When was the last time you used it in your life?
Love, Elder Window Payne!

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