Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference Weekend!

How's everyone doing this week?! Conference was basically amazing. Elder Gomez and I were joking all week about how bad we want to get some conference foam fingers and paint our faces in the anticipation. We went to the Visitor's Center for the Saturday morning session. Man I couldn't believe the announcements! The mission age stuff was pretty cool (18 for young men and 19 for young women), but I was more pumped about the Tuscon Temple and the Arequipa Temple! I could just imagine Keith sitting there letting out a big "Woohoo!" or something haha that's basically what I did! Keep saving up for a trip over there KP. But yeah that night we met three different sisters that said they are planning on putting in their papers this next week, and they're only 19 haha so crazy. Missionary work is going to explode. Something big is happening. China is opening up soon haha. We're all thrilled, and apparently it's all over Gossipbook......I mean facebook right? haha anywho Elder Nelson's talk was wonderful. "Ask the missionaries" he says. The Brethren don't normally speak directly to nonmembers...that was cool! But yeah we went to V's for a few sessions, and we went to the YSA stake center for Priesthood session and sat with V and Yoshi. Twas wonderful....I remember last year during Priesthood session I had to go out into the foyer to take notes cuz I couldn't see. I need to remember to bring a flashlight to Priesthood session! Oh well, I'll have the talks soon enough in print and I can take notes then. Oh by the way, the choir director in the Priesthood session was Elder Gomez's choir director back in Salt Lake at West High. His English teacher is also in the Mo Tab haha. Anyway, if I had time I would love to type everything I learned from conference....just go back and watch it again!

This past week we went to the eye doctor place thing. Elder Gomez needed to get his eyes checked, so I decided to tag along (not that I had much of a choice). Well I ended up getting my eyes checked for free and even got some new frames...for free. Too much free stuff here. Anyway my eyes are doing fine and still have the same prescription. I wanted some sturdier glasses that wouldn't keep falling off and had a little more mass.
Well, check the picture to find out what I got haha. I feel like an old man now, so I am accomplishing one of my dreams. I hope they aren't considered ostentatious. More importantly I hope mom doesn't think they are ostentatious. They do however make me feel more bold haha so maybe that's what I need. Everyone says I look good in them and I get complements! haha I'm still using my other ones too. I actually want to switch back to contacts, but that would cost too much money for me right now. Maybe later.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but we have the coolest investigators, with some of the coolest names. Vathana, Yoshi, Gil, and tonight we're seeing a guy named Dax. We're excited! Yoshi tells the funniest stories. they wouldn't even be very funny if he wasn't Asian. Let me explain. He tries so hard to speak correct English. But he still pronounces everything with a Japanese accent. He calls fasting "fascinating" and faith "the face" haha it's hilarious. He told us a long story about how he dropped a lawn mower in a pond at work. He works at a golf course, and one morning he was mowing the greens. There was dew on the grass, so it was a little slippy. As he came over a little hill on the green, a giant pond materialized and he slipped and the mower fell in. Well he tried to save himself too, but eventually he realized that it was too late, so he just decided to dive in head first haha. I can just imagine his face during the whole experience...his stories are the best! His fellowshipper is called Jake. After a lesson with Yoshi he said to us "Are you guys allowed to use the word Stud on a mission?" His vocabulary is extremely fresh. Apparently "shibbadoodles" is a word these days. He never stops smiling when he talks. Anyway I can't wait to take a picture with them and sent it to you all. Yoshi is planning on going back home to Japan again and he will get baptized there so that his parents can watch and see what a baptism is. We're excited for him, but bummed that we can't be there for that. Jake Hoeffelman on the other hand has been called to the Cuzco Peru mission and will report in December. I told him to watch out for Elder Nolan. If you get the chance, tell Elder Nolan to watch out for Elder Hoeffelman (Hay full men).

Well in other news, there's a sister here that reminds me exactly of Jamie from CMI, so that's kinda weird haha. I'm also working on my Christmas wishlist mom! Does anyone know if they sell untabbed mini quads without a little button flap? That's something I'd want haha. And now for the palindrome of the week: NO WAY! A PAPAYA WON!

I am doing well. The Lord is helping us and blessing us. Sometimes I need to stop beating myself up and focusing on my bad qualities and realize that I'm trying to be obedient and I'm trying to improve, and I'm helping bring people to salvation. Sometimes we're too hard on ourselves. Oh and if someone ever asks you if Mormons believe in Karma, tell them absolutely yes! Helaman 15:31! This transfer is winding down. I'm almost done being trained. I don't know where I'll go in two more weeks, but chances are I'll get called to train! We'll see!

Alright, I gotta go! We have some chores to do and letters to write. Oh and we're planning on blessing a home later today. They have some dark energy that they want to remove. Apparently that happens a lot. Should be fun! Wish us luck! Have a good week! Love you all!

Elder Payne!

p.s. Thanks for the package I love cookies!

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