Elder Zachary Payne

Elder Zachary Payne

Monday, August 13, 2012

Miracle Baptism

Man oh man...Chance finally passed away. What an awesome friend she was! I already said bye to her before I left knowing I wouldn't see her again. Oh esta todo bien! Thanks so much for taking care of her. She appreciated that. She's finally resting. In the meantime, the work moves on. This past week we had exchanges! I was with Elder Paiz, our district leader, for the day on Tuesday. I felt super out of place because Elder Gomez and I are the only missionaries in our area of 7 wards. Without Elder Gomez, I was the man in charge. It was tough but a good learning experience. The dust is finally starting to settle down and I'm starting to get back on my feet haha.

This past weekend on Saturday we had a baptism! David was baptized eleven days from the first day we met. I would consider it a miracle baptism. He was completely prepared by the Lord. He moved in with LDS roommates and came home drunk one night. His roommates invited him to ward prayer, and there they shared his favorite Bible verse, John 16:33 by "coincidence." God decided to speak to him through miracles. At that point he decided he needed to change, so he quit drugs and everything cold turkey. A couple weeks later he and his roommate were walking to their apartment, talking about speaking to the missionaries, when they came across Elder Gomez and me talking to the assistants. We were just talking about how people will sometimes just walk up to you and ask you to teach them. Well, they walked right between our cars and we asked them if they knew anyone that needed out help. David pointed to himself and we immediately went to his room and taught him the Restoration. We taught him everything, and he just absorbed it all up. A few days ago he was driving home from the lake and decided to ask God all of his questions and doubts about the Gospel. He answered every single question he had. We had scheduled him for the 18th, and he then asked us to moved it to the 11th. We as missionaries didn't do more than simply provide him the mandatory way for him to be baptized. He did the rest on his own. I got to type up his baptismal program! It was awesome. During his baptism, the Spirit reaffirmed to me that everything was where God intended things to be. I don't expect every baptism and conversion to be this easy, but I know it's possible for anyone who opens their heart and is willing to let Christ enter into their lives. As missionaries, we simply help people like that connect themselves to Christ and start their conversion process. It's thrilling to watch!

Well, the mission is tough. I have a long ways to go. But that doesn't matter! All that is asked of me is that I have a pure and willing heart and a testimony of Jesus Christ. Everything else will come over time. My perfectionism will be the death of me yet haha. Oh and after the baptism, we realized we needed to unplug the font. We didn't have any choice but to get in and unplug it. Elder Gomez went in and was baptized too. I'll send pictures haha. We also talked to an intoxicated man yesterday. He spent 15 minutes cussing and arguing with us that Elder Gomez is going to hell because he kills bugs even though our book says thou shalt not kill. It was kinda funny but more sad than anything. His heart was closed. I felt we should just leave, and eventually we got out of there. He felt as though he had won and confounded us, and he had his reward. But "blessed is he that is cursed for my names sake." These nametags are a target! You guys don't have them, so share the Gospel! It's easier and more effective for you. Anyway, you all have a great week! Hope to hear from more of you! Love each of you! Happy b-day this Thursday QP! I'll think of something to do for that, but I need more time haha. Maybe the rest of you can throw him a surprise b day party. I remember when mom did that to me. I hated it! haha Oh well love you all have a great week please!

Con amor, Elder Payne :)

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  1. Awesome story. Some people are elect golden individuals that just don't know where to find the truth and when they do they accept it immediately.